Decorative gravel Alnwick Belford Berwick area Northumberland

Decorative gravel can increase the value of your home.

Decorative gravel not only looks good, it can actually increase the value of your home.  First impressions count for a lot, so the outside view of your property is important.

Of course, you may not be trying to sell your home just now;  maybe you just fancy upgrading it? There are many different ways to improve the place you live in – a new kitchen or bathroom are popular choices – but high quality decorative gravel is one of the most cost effective choices you can make.

Decorative Gravel Alnwick Belford Berwick Area Northumberland close up

There are many different varieties, and the one for you is really a matter of personal taste but if you’d like to know a bit more about the story of one of our varieties, whinstone, just click on the link. Bill is a font of knowledge on local matters, having been born and bred in the area.


Here is a selection of the decorative gravel delivered to your door by D Renton and Sons (Alnwick).

Cross reference with the picture below:

01 – 20mm whin chips (Local Quarries)

02 – 20mm River Gravel  (Tyne Valley)

03 – 40mm Yellow Drainage gravel   (Durham Area)

04 – Type 1 Granular Sub Base  (Local Quarries)

05 – 20mm Durham Gold (Durham Area)

06 – 14mm Harden Red chip (west Northumberland)

07 – Kinegar  20mm River Gravel  (Scottish Borders)

08 – Kinegar  10mm River Gravel  (Scottish Borders)

09 – Quartz 20mm    (Glasgow.)

10 – Fife Red 20mm chip  (St Andrews)

11 – Cheviot 20mm River Gravel (Millfield)

12 – Cheviot 10mm River Gravel (Millfield)


Decorative gravel Alnwick Belford Berwick area (Northumberland) -samples

Of course, we are not the only decorative gravel suppliers, and if you only want a small bag you could be better off going to a builders merchants, such as Jewsons, MKMDoves or a local garden centre.  Our promise to you is this: When you call us on 07739 955 247 we will tell you if you that is the case, We will not only give you a price for supply and delivery but we’ll actually tell you if we think you could get a better deal elsewhere!


Where can I get some stone chippings?

So if you are wondering “where can I get some stone?” then why not see how we can help you? Besides the samples above we have items such as red gravel and commercial crushed aggregates. We can even organise for your stone chippings to be professionally laid for you if you require – and if you need some soil taken away (or indeed topsoil delivered) that’s also no bother at all.

Give us a call for a friendly chat with your local North Northumberland gravel, chippings and aggregates business.

How to lay decorative gravel

Whilst we offer both services – supply and lay decorative gravel, should you wish to lay it yourself then this guide on how to lay decorative gravel may come in handy.